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Laurence Sterne is a very violent and sexual man. He was raised an orphaned ward of the state in Illinois after his father, a District Attorney, and the rest of his family perished in an [[arson.]] His upbringing in the child welfare system caused Laurence to develop a thick skinned demeanor and an uncaring arrogance. The only person present in Sterne’s life who was spared his cruel nature was a fellow school-mate Angelina Giamatti, heiress of the Giamatti crime family. Laurence became deeply infatuated with her blunt honesty and tough as nails attitude, her drop dead good looks were no hindrance for his hormones either.

Laurence became so infatuated with Angelina that he constantly doted on his crush and was present at her side at nearly all times during the school day. He became very protective of her at school as well, constantly picking fights with her would be suitors and chastising girls who’d spread rumors or otherwise mistreat her. One day Laurence’s crush on Angelina finally reached beyond simple over protectiveness when one of Angelina’s fathers men arrived to pick up Angelina from school and she didn’t want to leave with him. The man, Xavier Lords, became physical in his attempts to escort her home and Laurence stabbed him several times with a plastic pen both in the face and belly, even several times in the scrotum. Though the police became involved, mysteriously no charges were ever filed by the state – and Angelina’s father was so impressed with Laurence’s loyalty to Angelina that he ordered his goon to not file personal charges either.

Laurence’s relationship with Angelina blossomed after those events, especially after Angelina’s father adopted Laurence, a response to appreciation of Sterne’s loyalty to his daughter and Sterne’s bravado in standing up to a made man in broad daylight, and invited him to live at the Giamatti estate. From then on Laurence served the Giamatti’s as both a protégé of the family patriarch and a hired gun.

Sterne’s relationship with Angelina finally ended despite their passion, concern, great sex, and loving times the pair shared. Angelina was the one who broke off the relationship, even to the dismay of her Father who counted Sterne as the “son he never had”. Her reasons were simply that she couldn’t imagine Laurence being a family man while also living a criminal life. Both parties regretted the choice but Angelina persists in their split up. On occasion their passions take hold when they meet and Angelina and Laurence reignite their relationship, even if only for a night of riotous sex or gentle “I love you’s”. But, even despite the feelings both have for one another Angelina simply won’t commit to a lasting relationship. She’s the one girl he knows he can never really have, a fact that haunts him continuously.

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