A Sterne Happening

Where we've been...

Born in Chicago to a powerful and affluent family Laurence seemed destined for a life of privledge. Tragedy struck early in Sterne’s life when as an infant both his parents died in a housefire. In the aftermath of the inferno Laurence was miraculously rescused from the flames by the timely intervention of no-less than his nanny.

Years would pass with Laurence surviving as a ward of the state. Using remnants of the fourtune his father passed down to him, posthumously, Laurence was able to barter his way into better schools than social services would normally allow. Though this was only after the state siphoned nearly the entire fourtune left behind by Sterne’s deceased Father.

In his school years Sterne behaved quite obnoxiously most often. The only temper to his flame was one Angelina Giamatti, daughter of the Giamatti crime families Don, whom Sterne forever holds a candle of lust for. These feelings forever remain constantly unrequieted – even after thier high school years – and become the cause for unexpected attention of the Giamatti family. The attention was gained during thier younger high school years when Laurence and Angelina meet outside of school. Angelina is seen by Laurence as being bullied by one of her Fathers hired men, though truely the incident was little more than a childish quarrel over Angelina not being ready to go home from school and the hireling being persistant. Laurences reaction to this perceived bullying leads Sterne to attack the man violently with a pen, stabbing in several vulnerable areas – including the genitals.



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